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Owner Testimonials

"We originally bought at Coconut Beach around 1990. There must be something to say about the place because we now own a total of nine weeks and are always looking for more. I think that says it all."

Omaha, Nebraska

"When we first came to Coconut Beach Resort, we were impressed with the facility and the location. During the first visit we were so impressed that we bought our first week. We had considered owning a place in Florida, but concluded that unless we had someone to watch over it during three quarters of the year it would not be practical. Coconut Beach is the best alternative, especially in Key West. We have since obtained an additional eight weeks in this fabulous location with friendly, helpful, and cooperative people who take care of the facility and the residents and, equally important, friendly fellow owners who all contribute to a great vacation period with no worries. All this with the best winter weather in the Eastern U.S."

Canfield, OH

"I have been an owner at Coconut Beach Resort since the very beginning. To be exact 1989 is when I purchased my first condo, and it was on my first trip to Key West. The resort was still being built at the time. Two years later I purchased my second condo. Now I had one week in May which I personally think is the best and also a week in September which is a quieter time of the year. I purchased the second unit to swap out and go to other destinations, but because I feel so in love with Key West and Coconut Beach Resort that in the whole 21 years that I have owned I have never gone anywhere else.

"The Atlantic side of the island is more quite, the breezes are more constant and as with anywhere on the island everything is close by even the number one rated restaurant, Louie's Backyard, is just next door. The condo's are kept up with constant maintenance, and the personnel are great.

"Tony Yaniz, Director of Sales/Marketing, sold me my first unit in 1989 and is still with Coconut Beach Resort. I think that says a lot for any business. He is a great source of information about the island as well and the Key's in general.

"If you want to come down and totally enjoy the island life, Coconut Beach Resort is where you want to stay."

Jacksonville, FL

Guest Testimonials

"Coconut Beach is the perfect location in the perfect destination. Right on the ocean and just close enough (far enough?) to Duval Street."

Orlando, FL

"Vacations are so important to us. We need to know that we'll have a clean place, a great room, and a tranquil location. Coconut Beach has become a very nice habit for us!"

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"What it comes down to is that we only get a couple of weeks a year to unwind and refresh. Key West is that perfect combination and Coconut Beach is the best choice on the island!"

New Haven, Connecticut


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